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Migrating from dockershim

This section presents information you need to know when migrating from dockershim to other container runtimes.

Since the announcement of dockershim deprecation in Kubernetes 1.20, there were questions on how this will affect various workloads and Kubernetes installations. Our Dockershim Removal FAQ is there to help you to understand the problem better.

Dockershim will be removed from Kubernetes following the release of v1.24. If you use Docker via dockershim as your container runtime, and wish to upgrade to v1.24, it is recommended that you either migrate to another runtime or find an alternative means to obtain Docker Engine support. If you're not sure whether you are using Docker, find out what container runtime is used on a node.

Your cluster might have more than one kind of node, although this is not a common configuration.

These tasks will help you to migrate:

What's next

  • Check out container runtimes to understand your options for a container runtime.
  • There is a GitHub issue to track discussion about the deprecation and removal of dockershim.
  • If you found a defect or other technical concern relating to migrating away from dockershim, you can report an issue to the Kubernetes project.
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