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Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes - April 17 2015

Every week the Kubernetes contributing community meet virtually over Google Hangouts. We want anyone who's interested to know what's discussed in this forum.


  • Mesos Integration
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Adding performance and profiling details to e2e to track regressions
  • Versioned clients


  • Mesos integration

    • Mesos integration proposal:

    • No blockers to integration.

    • Documentation needs to be updated.

  • HA

    • Proposal should land today.

    • Etcd cluster.

    • Load-balance apiserver.

    • Cold standby for controller manager and other master components.

  • Adding performance and profiling details to e2e to track regression

    • Want red light for performance regression

    • Need a public DB to post the data

      • See
    • Justin working on multi-platform e2e dashboard

  • Versioned clients

    • Client library currently uses internal API objects.

    • Nobody reported that frequent changes to types.go have been painful, but we are worried about it.

    • Structured types are useful in the client. Versioned structs would be ok.

    • If start with json/yaml (kubectl), shouldn’t convert to structured types. Use swagger.

  • Security context

    • Administrators can restrict who can run privileged containers or require specific unix uids

    • Kubelet will be able to get pull credentials from apiserver

    • Policy proposal coming in the next week or so

  • Discussing upstreaming of users, etc. into Kubernetes, at least as optional

  • 1.0 Roadmap

    • Focus is performance, stability, cluster upgrades

    • TJ has been making some edits to but hasn’t sent out a PR yet

  • Kubernetes UI

    • Dependencies broken out into third-party

    • @lavalamp is reviewer

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